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2000 Annual PCTC Awards Banquet

Track Appreciation Plaque Recipients
Front row, l to r: Mrs. Tom Mayerchak (Hickory), Donna Lentz (Challenger), Carol Gamble (Lernerville), Vicki Emig (Mercer), Marsha Schempp (PPMS), Margaret Graham (Tri-City). Back row, l to r: Tom Mayerchak (Hickory), Jack Lentz (Challenger), Ouch Roenick (Lernerville), Lou Gentile (Mercer), Mike Leone (Mercer), Smokey Schempp (PPMS), Jim Stiegerwald (PPMS), Mike Graham (Tri-City)
Banquet a big success!!

We had a wonderful turnout for the Awards Banquet held on January 27, 2001. The event was a total sellout and the new location received rave reviews for everything from the food to the accommodations. Don Gamble was our host for the evening and, as always, we thank him for a job well done. Music for the evening was provided by Rookie Rick Kohler.
Almost 90 trophies were presented to top ten competitors and car owners. (See 2000 PCTC Points for the top finishers in each division.) Appreciation plaques were presented to track and media supporters of the PCTC and officers and board members who worked incredibly hard this past year to make the PCTC a Club to be proud of.
The Holiday Inn staff was attentive to our needs and, if arrangements can be made for more space, we may return next year.
Thanks to everyone for all of their hard work to make the Banquet such a special evening. Banquet suggestions and input from members are welcome and appreciated.
Hall of Fame Inductees - Joe Lheureau, Bob Kennedy and Dick Rankin were chosen for induction this year. We thank the Hall of Fame committee and chairman Dave Burt for their time and diligence.
Glade Neil Memorial Sportmanship Award - John Kosecki
Bill Steinbach Media Award - Ed Schaeffer of KDKA
Special Thanks - Special appreciation and thanks to our banquet sponsors: Chuck Kennedy and Kennedy Auto Sales, Mark Blohm and Bobby's Lounge, the Geesey's and MACS, Paul Urso and Urso Oil & Racing Supplies, and Jack Crowell and #1 Cochran. Thank you to the following donors of approximately 120 door prizes:
Myers Service Center
D & R Graphics
B.R.E. Small Engines
Four Points Sheraton
Ginger Meloy
Jeff Geesey/MACS
Chuck Neely
Foster Construction
Challenger Raceway
Lernerville Speedway
Auction Barn Racing
Snyder Bros. Texaco
Kari Petrosky
Bob McWilliams
Bobby's Lounge
Butch & Robin Lambert
Ultra Racing Oil & Lube
Whitmore's Trucks, Cars and Acces.
Fennell's Motorsports World
Tomei's Towing Service
PA Artificial Limb & Brace Co.
Cochrantown Self Storage
Lias Tire & Racing Supplies
Bethel Park Advance Auto Parts
Imperial Heights Garage
John & Kathy Miller
Tri-City Speedway
Motordrome Speedway
Country Inn and Suites
Morgan Equipment
Kennedy Racing
BOS Motorsports
Jim and Jerri Slade
Dave Burt
Isiminger's Racing
Urso Oil and Racing
Don Dahle
Conroy Family
Monzo's Palace Inn
Bethel Park Eat 'N Park
Zoresco Equipment
Don & Jill Folkmire

Top PCTC E-mod Drivers
Top PCTC E-mod Drivers


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