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2014 Pittsburgh Circle Track Club Banquet
2014 Racing Season
January 24, 2015

The 2014 Pittsburgh Circle Track Club Awards Banquet was held at the Hampton Banquet Hall on January 24, 2015. Congratulations to the new inductees into the Pittsburgh Circle Track Club Hall of Fame:

  • Vicki Emig
  • Dave Martinelli
  • Shawn "Sheetz" McGarvey
  • Ben Miley
  • Jimmy Steigerwald.

Several individuals received special PCTC Club awards.

  • Glade & Ruth Neil Memorial Sportsmanship Award - Bob Bentz, Jr.
  • Bill Steinbach Memorial Media Award - Tripp Clarke & Tom Lang
  • Art Smillie Award - Peggy & Loren Kesler
  • Dave Burt Good Guy Award - Bill Beck

Congratulations to everyone that received an award at the banquet.

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DSC07536 DSC07538 DSC07540 DSC07542
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DSC07547 DSC07549 DSC07553 DSC07554
DSC07559 DSC07560 DSC07563 DSC07568
DSC07571 DSC07572 DSC07573 DSC07574
DSC07575 DSC07577 DSC07578 DSC07580
DSC07581 DSC07582 DSC07584 DSC07585
DSC07586 DSC07589 DSC07593 DSC07597
DSC07599 DSC07603 DSC07605 DSC07607
DSC07609 DSC07613 DSC07615 DSC07616
DSC07618 DSC07622 DSC07623 DSC07624
DSC07626 DSC07634 DSC07635 DSC07636
DSC07638 DSC07642 DSC07643 DSC07649
DSC07651 DSC07652 DSC07655 DSC07663
DSC07664 DSC07665 DSC07671 DSC07672
DSC07677 DSC07683 DSC07685 DSC07692
DSC07695 DSC07697 DSC07698 DSC07700
DSC07702 DSC07703 DSC07704 DSC07705
DSC07706 DSC07707 DSC07710 DSC07712
DSC07715 DSC07718 DSC07719 DSC07721
DSC07723 DSC07724 DSC07726 DSC07728
DSC07729 DSC07731 DSC07732 DSC07733
DSC07736 DSC07738 DSC07741 DSC07742
DSC07743 DSC07744 DSC07745 DSC07747
DSC07748 DSC07749 DSC07750 DSC07752
DSC07755 DSC07756 DSC07757 DSC07758
DSC07759 DSC07760 DSC07761 DSC07763
DSC07764 DSC07765 DSC07766 DSC07767
DSC07769 DSC07773 DSC07774 DSC07775
DSC07777 DSC07779 DSC07780 DSC07782
DSC07783 DSC07784 DSC07785 DSC07786
DSC07787 DSC07789 DSC07790 DSC07792
DSC07793 DSC07794 DSC07795 DSC07796
DSC07799 DSC07800 DSC07801 DSC07802
DSC07803 DSC07804 DSC07807 DSC07808
DSC07811 DSC07812 DSC07813 DSC07814
DSC07815 DSC07816 DSC07817 DSC07818
DSC07819 DSC07820 DSC07821 DSC07822
DSC07823 DSC07824 DSC07825 DSC07826
DSC07827 DSC07828 DSC07829 DSC07837
DSC07838 DSC07843 DSC07844 DSC07845
DSC07848 DSC07849 DSC07852 DSC07853
DSC07855 DSC07856 DSC07857 DSC07858
DSC07860 DSC07861 DSC07862 DSC07863
DSC07864 DSC07865 DSC07866 DSC07867
DSC07868 DSC07869 DSC07870 DSC07872
DSC07875 DSC07876 DSC07877 DSC07881

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