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Old Timers' Dinner and Social


The Annual Old Timers’ Dinner and Social was held at the Seville Fire Hall on November 26th. Dave Burt was there and shared his incredible display of racing pictures. Carl Downie brough memorabilia as well. The turnout was excellent and we thank Don Gamble for hosting the social

Our guests shared some of their racing stories and memories of the good ole days when racin' was racin' and it was done by the seat of your pants using Yankee ingenuity.

The Club provided some of the food, but those who attended brought some delicious dishes and desserts and no one went away hungry. So we thank one and all.

We owe the Millers and Marsha Schempp a rousing thank you for the great job they did to make the dinner such a success, and our gratitude as well to everyone who helped set up the hall and pitched in with the cleanup.

This is really a fun night and one our old timers really look forward to.


The Annual Old Timers' Night was held on November 16th at the Cecil Township Fire Hall with over 100 in attendance. Dave Burt was on hand with his incredible photo history of area racing which lined the walls of the hall. It was an impressive sight. Carl Downie also had a display of memorabilia and produced a special program to commemorate the evening.

Jack McMurray and friends arrived in a vintage automobile which was quite a treat. The dinner was enjoyed by those who came early and there were even some leftovers for those who came later.

After dinner the engines roared as racing began, with Bud Daum at the microphone calling the action. The Victory Lane Racing radio controlled cars sure got a workout as the groups of four stepped up to the platforms.

Heat race winners included: Mike Kemple, Myles Witchey, John Haefner, Mike Koski (a straight line racer who has a knack for circles) Jerri Slade, Andy Kennedy, Larry Lheureau, Jack Miller, Fran Anderson, Ginger Meloy, Chuck Kennedy, Ty Miley, Bill McCracken, and Bill Tomlin. If we missed any winners, we're sorry but the action was pretty fast and furious.

We think everyone who participated in the evening was a winner. There were door prize donations from Don Gamble, John and Linda Wirtz, Jim and Jerri Slade, Myles Witchey, and Bob McWilliams.

Thanks to Linda Wirtz for taking care of the 50/50 ticket sales. Five envelopes of $20 were won by Jim Steigerwald, Dave Burt, Linda Wirtz, Brian Underwood and Bob Leonberg. Many thanks to John and Kathy Miller, Linda Wirtz, Marsha Schemp, Jerri Slade and Ginger Meloy for the dinner preparations and to Larry Lheaureau, Jim Slade and Bob McWilliams for the table set up.

Thanks for everyone who pitched in and made this such a special night for our old timers.


Herb Scott and Miles Witchey photo

The Annual Old Timers' Dinner and Social was held on November 11, 2001 with a wonderful turnout of 118 folks. lt was a special evening that gets better every year. The fellowship abounded as many friendships were renewed and the stories of past racing encounters were shared.
The dinner was more than adequate and expertly attended to by the Miller Family. We thank them for all of their hard work that goes into presenting this kind of event and the cleanup afterwords.
The dinner was complemented by some great side dishes and desserts provided by the members and guests. (The mile high Halbedl apple pie is becoming a tradition.)
We thank Don Gamble for hosting the evening and coaxing our guests to the microphone.
It was especially good to see Don Lufffy in attendance as well as Dorthy Haefner. Don Dahle brought a beautiful "coupe cake" and Herb Scott was presented with a lovely pink sheet cake by Miles Witchey.
Door prizes were donated by Jim and Jerri Slade, Lernerville Speedway, Speedway Productions, Bob McWilliams, and Dave Olivieri. Nine envelopes of $10 each were won by: Jim Steigerwald, Dolly Palmer, John Miller, George Powell, Bob McWilliams, Miles Witchey, and Don Dahle (who donated his prize back to the Club to be used for the Children's Christmas Party). Two envelopes were unclaimed and returned to the treasury.

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