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Pittsburgh Circle Track Club Points Results

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2007 Final Points
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2007 Pittsburgh Circle Track Club Points Program

The Senior Series and B.R.E. All Stars operate under their own point systems and competitors should see their governing officials with their questions. Regular go karters can include all of their finishes from all the tracks they compete at, but must report their finishes to Jill Folkmire no later than the 5th of the month, for the previous month's racing (i.e., finishes for May races must be reported by June 5th). Report finish info to:
Jill Folkmire, Statistician, 320 James Street, North Versailles, PA 15137 or pctcpoints@yahoo.com .

All other divisions (dirt and asphalt) must choose a Home Track. Point will accumulate from finishes at that track ONLY. You will be permitted one track change during the season, but it must be submitted in writing to: Tim Riley, Statistician, 500 Beaver Rd, Apt 506, Ambridge, PA or PointsLine, 724-407-5023, or n3fms@comcast.net.

Points accumulate in the following manner:

Heat win - 5 points
Feature finish:
1st - 10 points; 2nd - 9 points; 3rd - 8 points; 4th - 7 points;
5th - 6 points; 6th - 5 points; 7th - 4 points; 8 - 3 points;
9th - 2 points; 10 - 1 point

In the event of a special show double feature (this does not include rain/make up races), your best finish will be used for points that night. The points will be listed in the newsletter with a cut off date, and only if you feel there is a discrepancy, you have 15 days to contact Tim Riley, PCTC Statistician, 500 Beaver Rd, Apt 506, Ambridge, PA or PointsLine, 724-407-5023, or n3fms@comcast.net with verifiable information - or the points will stand as listed. No excuses...no exceptions.

Points do not accumulate until your membership is current. If you have questions or need clarification, call Bob McWilliams at 412-921-2553.


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