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Pittsburgh Circle Track Club
Memorial Day Picnic on May 26, 2003
By: Jerri Slade
     The Annual Memorial Day Family Picnic and Pig Roast was held on May 26th at North Park at the Old Firehouse. There were about 125 people present. The weather was perfect and a great time was held by all. There were lots of laughs and games for kids of all ages. Buffo the Clown made another appearance to entertain everyone. Bob "the Pig Chef" Stanford did an excellent job of roasting Babe III! There wasn't much left at the end of the day.
Thanks to everyone for all of their delicious side dishes and desserts. Special thanks to those who helped in the kitchen and with the games, especially Ginger Meloy, Linda Wirtz, John and Kathy Miller, Helen Miller, Cheryl Kennedy, Smokey and Marsha Schempp, as well as Jim and Jerri Slade. Special thanks also to Ty Miley for the donation of hamburger and hot dog buns. The stash of M&Ms was won by Bill Truby and gum balls by Bob Leonberg. Six envelopes of $100 from the sale of 50/50 tickets were won by: Art Osmer, Bob Miller (relief pig carver), Jim Slade, Pam Osmer, Dave Sakulski and Dave Slade. A flag tote bag from H. Baskin Clothiers was won by Chris Miller, kids water toys by Jim Steigerwald (no doubt going to Racers for Tots) and more M&Ms in a drink bottle by Bill Truby. Really a fun time - good food and good people.

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