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Pittsburgh Circle Track Club
Old Timers Social
November 15, 2008

Old Timers Semi and Late Model Drivers
Semi & Late Model Drivers

The PCTC Annual Old Timers Social was held at Eracerís Go Kart Park Banquet Hall in Butler, PA on Saturday, November 15, 2008. The event's festivities began at 1:00 p.m. and continued until 6:00 p.m. The club provided the main course for the meal and drinks. Guests attending the event brought covered dishes and desserts. We had a capacity crowd of guests on hand to enjoy the camaraderie and the extensive collection of racing memorabilia from Dave Burt.

A special thank you to Estel Harp and all of the club members for their hard work and thank you to all of the great people that joined us at this event. Myles Witchey brought Viglione Racing t-shirts for sale and the proceeds were donated to the club. Thank you to Jim Slade for donating a portion of his raffle winnings back to the club.

Old Timers Mods & Sprints Drivers
Modified and Sprint Drivers

If you missed the event and would like to be involved next year, please e-mail Don Gamble at speedwayproductions@comcast.net to be added to the mailing list.

Many of the former competitors, track officials and media in attendance included:

Jim Balentine
Milford Barber
Ralph Batykefer
Don Brandt
Jack Coley
Don Dahle
Val Dominick
Bud Garvey
Lynn Geisler
John Haefner
Carol Halbedl
Estel Harp
Harry Hein
Mike Kemple
Chuck Kennedy
Dave Kohler
Bill Korch
Gus Linder
Barry Lucas
Don Luffy
Dave Lundy
Andy & Mike Lutz
Ed & Jean Lynch
Russ Matchett
Larry Matter
Bill McCracken
Bob McWilliams
Mike Meerdo
Dave Meloy
Dave Mohn
Jerry O’Rock
Art Osmer
Bill Peterson
Wes Reed
Bill Ruffner Jr.
Dave Rupp
Deek Scott
Herb Scott
Jim Senkewitz
Gus Sholich
John Stasiak
Al Stivenson
Darwin Stivenson
Bill Wheeling
Walt Wimer
Miles Witchey

The guests that attended to enjoy visiting with their former heroes were too many to list. We know they had a great time.

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