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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
May 4, 2013 - Action Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
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DSC01243 DSC01246 DSC01247 DSC01251
DSC01253 DSC01255 DSC01257 DSC01259
DSC01261 DSC01262 DSC01264 DSC01267
DSC01269 DSC01270 DSC01272 DSC01276
DSC01278 DSC01279 DSC01282 DSC01284
DSC01285 DSC01287 DSC01290 DSC01292
DSC01293 DSC01295 DSC01297 DSC01300
DSC01302 DSC01304 DSC01306 DSC01308
DSC01310 DSC01312 DSC01315 DSC01317
DSC01319 DSC01322 DSC01325 DSC01329
DSC01330 DSC01333 DSC01334 DSC01337
DSC01339 DSC01341 DSC01343 DSC01346
DSC01348 DSC01349 DSC01355 DSC01356
DSC01359 DSC01364 DSC01365 DSC01367
DSC01369 DSC01372 DSC01374 DSC01376
DSC01378 DSC01380 DSC01383 DSC01384
DSC01387 DSC01390 DSC01393 DSC01394
DSC01396 DSC01398 DSC01400 DSC01403
DSC01404 DSC01407 DSC01408 DSC01411
DSC01412 DSC01416 DSC01418 DSC01420
DSC01421 DSC01422 DSC01425 DSC01426
DSC01432 DSC01435 DSC01439 DSC01447
DSC01449 DSC01452 DSC01455 DSC01457
DSC01461 DSC01465 DSC01467 DSC01471
DSC01472 DSC01474 DSC01477 DSC01480
DSC01483 DSC01485 DSC01489 DSC01495
DSC01498 DSC01499 DSC01500 DSC01502
DSC01507 DSC01508 DSC01512 DSC01514
DSC01515 DSC01518 DSC01522 DSC01523
DSC01525 DSC01527 DSC01531 DSC01532
DSC01534 DSC01538 DSC01544 DSC01546
DSC01556 DSC01557 DSC01561 DSC01562
DSC01565 DSC01569 DSC01571 DSC01572
DSC01584 DSC01590 DSC01595 DSC01598
DSC01599 DSC01601 DSC01602 DSC01604
DSC01609 DSC01613 DSC01617 DSC01619
DSC01622 DSC01624 DSC01627 DSC01629
DSC01632 DSC01634 DSC01638 DSC01640
DSC01643 DSC01647 DSC01649 DSC01652
DSC01654 DSC01656 DSC01659 DSC01660
DSC01663 DSC01668 DSC01669 DSC01671
DSC01674 DSC01677 DSC01679 DSC01681
DSC01684 DSC01686 DSC01688 DSC01691
DSC01695 DSC01701 DSC01702 DSC01705
DSC01708 DSC01711 DSC01714 DSC01716
DSC01720 DSC01729 DSC01732 DSC01735
DSC01738 DSC01741 DSC01744 DSC01745
DSC01748 DSC01751 DSC01752 DSC01786
DSC01789 DSC01794 DSC01796 DSC01798
DSC01800 DSC01801 DSC01802 DSC01849
DSC01851 DSC01853 DSC01904 DSC01905
DSC01907 DSC01909 DSC01910 DSC01911
DSC01912 DSC01914 DSC01915 DSC01919
DSC01969 DSC01977 DSC01991 DSC01994
DSC02023 DSC02024 DSC02025 DSC02092
DSC02093 DSC02094 DSC02095 DSC02096
DSC02103 DSC02105 DSC02107 DSC02108
DSC02109 DSC02115

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