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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
May 18, 2013 - Action Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
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DSC02193 DSC02196 DSC02198 DSC02201
DSC02203 DSC02205 DSC02206 DSC02208
DSC02211 DSC02212 DSC02215 DSC02216
DSC02217 DSC02219 DSC02222 DSC02224
DSC02225 DSC02227 DSC02228 DSC02230
DSC02233 DSC02234 DSC02237 DSC02239
DSC02240 DSC02242 DSC02244 DSC02246
DSC02249 DSC02251 DSC02252 DSC02255
DSC02256 DSC02258 DSC02261 DSC02263
DSC02265 DSC02268 DSC02269 DSC02271
DSC02274 DSC02276 DSC02277 DSC02280
DSC02282 DSC02283 DSC02285 DSC02286
DSC02296 DSC02299 DSC02301 DSC02302
DSC02305 DSC02306 DSC02308 DSC02315
DSC02316 DSC02318 DSC02320 DSC02322
DSC02325 DSC02327 DSC02330 DSC02332
DSC02333 DSC02335 DSC02336 DSC02337
DSC02338 DSC02340 DSC02341 DSC02342
DSC02344 DSC02346 DSC02348 DSC02350
DSC02351 DSC02352 DSC02353 DSC02356
DSC02357 DSC02358 DSC02360 DSC02362
DSC02365 DSC02367 DSC02368 DSC02370
DSC02372 DSC02380 DSC02381 DSC02382
DSC02385 DSC02392 DSC02393 DSC02396
DSC02399 DSC02401 DSC02402 DSC02405
DSC02407 DSC02408 DSC02411 DSC02412
DSC02414 DSC02416 DSC02418 DSC02421
DSC02424 DSC02425 DSC02426 DSC02427
DSC02429 DSC02432 DSC02435 DSC02438
DSC02441 DSC02442 DSC02447 DSC02449
DSC02452 DSC02453 DSC02455 DSC02458
DSC02459 DSC02461 DSC02464 DSC02467
DSC02468 DSC02470 DSC02473 DSC02475
DSC02477 DSC02479 DSC02483 DSC02486
DSC02488 DSC02489 DSC02491 DSC02495
DSC02497 DSC02499 DSC02501 DSC02502
DSC02505 DSC02508 DSC02510 DSC02513
DSC02514 DSC02517 DSC02518 DSC02522
DSC02525 DSC02526 DSC02532 DSC02535
DSC02536 DSC02539 DSC02540 DSC02543
DSC02544 DSC02546 DSC02549 DSC02551
DSC02554 DSC02557 DSC02560 DSC02562
DSC02565 DSC02568 DSC02569 DSC02572
DSC02577 DSC02580 DSC02581 DSC02584
DSC02586 DSC02588 DSC02590 DSC02591
DSC02594 DSC02596 DSC02598 DSC02602
DSC02604 DSC02607 DSC02609 DSC02612
DSC02617 DSC02619 DSC02621 DSC02624
DSC02626 DSC02628 DSC02630 DSC02631
DSC02633 DSC02636 DSC02637 DSC02640
DSC02641 DSC02644 DSC02645 DSC02647
DSC02651 DSC02652 DSC02654 DSC02657
DSC02659 DSC02660 DSC02664 DSC02667
DSC02668 DSC02670 DSC02673 DSC02674
DSC02677 DSC02679 DSC02682 DSC02683
DSC02686 DSC02688 DSC02694 DSC02697
DSC02699 DSC02701 DSC02703 DSC02704
DSC02705 DSC02708 DSC02709 DSC02711
DSC02715 DSC02716 DSC02719 DSC02721
DSC02722 DSC02724 DSC02726 DSC02729
DSC02732 DSC02733 DSC02736 DSC02738
DSC02739 DSC02742 DSC02746 DSC02748
DSC02750 DSC02751 DSC02754 DSC02755
DSC02758 DSC02762 DSC02764 DSC02767
DSC02769 DSC02770 DSC02774 DSC02775
DSC02778 DSC02779 DSC02782 DSC02783
DSC02785 DSC02787 DSC02790 DSC02791
DSC02792 DSC02819 DSC02820 DSC02821
DSC02823 DSC02824 DSC02825 DSC02826
DSC02832 DSC02851 DSC02858 DSC02859
DSC02861 DSC02863 DSC02866 DSC02868
DSC02869 DSC02870 DSC02872 DSC02873
DSC02874 DSC02875 DSC02878 DSC02904
DSC02907 DSC02908 DSC02909 DSC02910
DSC02911 DSC02912 DSC02915 DSC02919
DSC02921 DSC02922 DSC02925 DSC02926
DSC02930 DSC02931 DSC02951 DSC02960
DSC02963 DSC02969 DSC02972 DSC02973
DSC02976 DSC02978 DSC02979 DSC03004
DSC03005 DSC03028 DSC03029 DSC03030
DSC03031 DSC03038 DSC03041 DSC03070

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