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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
June 1, 2013 - Action Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
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DSC04089 DSC04091 DSC04094 DSC04096
DSC04097 DSC04100 DSC04102 DSC04104
DSC04106 DSC04108 DSC04110 DSC04112
DSC04115 DSC04116 DSC04118 DSC04121
DSC04123 DSC04125 DSC04127 DSC04128
DSC04131 DSC04133 DSC04134 DSC04137
DSC04140 DSC04141 DSC04144 DSC04146
DSC04148 DSC04149 DSC04151 DSC04154
DSC04156 DSC04158 DSC04160 DSC04163
DSC04165 DSC04171 DSC04172 DSC04174
DSC04176 DSC04179 DSC04180 DSC04183
DSC04185 DSC04190 DSC04192 DSC04195
DSC04199 DSC04200 DSC04202 DSC04205
DSC04207 DSC04209 DSC04212 DSC04213
DSC04215 DSC04218 DSC04219 DSC04222
DSC04223 DSC04226 DSC04230 DSC04232
DSC04233 DSC04235 DSC04237 DSC04238
DSC04243 DSC04245 DSC04246 DSC04250
DSC04253 DSC04255 DSC04257 DSC04259
DSC04260 DSC04262 DSC04264 DSC04267
DSC04269 DSC04270 DSC04271 DSC04273
DSC04276 DSC04277 DSC04279 DSC04281
DSC04285 DSC04286 DSC04288 DSC04290
DSC04292 DSC04293 DSC04296 DSC04298
DSC04299 DSC04302 DSC04304 DSC04306
DSC04307 DSC04309 DSC04312 DSC04314
DSC04318 DSC04319 DSC04322 DSC04323
DSC04327 DSC04328 DSC04330 DSC04332
DSC04338 DSC04341 DSC04348 DSC04352
DSC04353 DSC04374 DSC04375 DSC04378
DSC04379 DSC04382 DSC04385 DSC04387
DSC04391 DSC04393 DSC04395 DSC04397
DSC04399 DSC04402 DSC04403 DSC04405
DSC04408 DSC04410 DSC04412 DSC04419
DSC04421 DSC04424 DSC04426 DSC04430
DSC04436 DSC04437 DSC04440 DSC04441
DSC04443 DSC04452 DSC04466 DSC04468
DSC04476 DSC04478 DSC04482 DSC04484
DSC04492 DSC04493 DSC04500 DSC04502
DSC04510 DSC04526 DSC04529 DSC04538
DSC04542 DSC04545 DSC04548 DSC04552
DSC04556 DSC04558 DSC04565 DSC04567
DSC04574 DSC04578 DSC04583 DSC04594
DSC04597 DSC04601 DSC04603 DSC04606
DSC04610 DSC04611 DSC04615 DSC04616
DSC04622 DSC04630 DSC04633 DSC04640
DSC04646 DSC04648 DSC04653 DSC04660
DSC04665 DSC04668 DSC04669 DSC04672
DSC04673 DSC04675 DSC04677 DSC04679
DSC04684 DSC04691 DSC04697 DSC04699
DSC04703 DSC04706 DSC04712 DSC04717
DSC04718 DSC04719 DSC04720 DSC04721
DSC04725 DSC04731 DSC04735 DSC04742
DSC04746 DSC04754 DSC04759 DSC04762
DSC04768 DSC04773 DSC04774 DSC04779
DSC04785 DSC04796 DSC04799 DSC04813
DSC04816 DSC04819 DSC04820 DSC04827
DSC04838 DSC04842 DSC04846 DSC04851
DSC04854 DSC04857 DSC04858 DSC04865
DSC04883 DSC04884 DSC04885 DSC04888
DSC04889 DSC04892 DSC04894 DSC04895
DSC04922 DSC04925 DSC04927 DSC04934
DSC04955 DSC04959 DSC04962 DSC04963
DSC04964 DSC04965 DSC04966 DSC04967
DSC04968 DSC04969 DSC04970 DSC04971
DSC04972 DSC04981 DSC04982 DSC04983
DSC04996 DSC04998 DSC05079 DSC05081

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