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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
June 8, 20113 - Action Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
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DSC05151 DSC05155 DSC05158 DSC05160
DSC05162 DSC05167 DSC05171 DSC05175
DSC05177 DSC05179 DSC05181 DSC05183
DSC05189 DSC05191 DSC05195 DSC05197
DSC05203 DSC05204 DSC05207 DSC05208
DSC05213 DSC05214 DSC05220 DSC05227
DSC05228 DSC05232 DSC05235 DSC05238
DSC05240 DSC05244 DSC05246 DSC05248
DSC05257 DSC05258 DSC05260 DSC05262
DSC05268 DSC05272 DSC05274 DSC05276
DSC05279 DSC05282 DSC05285 DSC05288
DSC05292 DSC05296 DSC05302 DSC05304
DSC05307 DSC05308 DSC05311 DSC05314
DSC05317 DSC05321 DSC05333 DSC05335
DSC05338 DSC05342 DSC05354 DSC05356
DSC05358 DSC05360 DSC05363 DSC05364
DSC05368 DSC05370 DSC05372 DSC05375
DSC05377 DSC05378 DSC05380 DSC05383
DSC05385 DSC05386 DSC05387 DSC05388
DSC05389 DSC05390 DSC05391 DSC05392
DSC05396 DSC05397 DSC05398 DSC05402
DSC05406 DSC05407 DSC05408 DSC05410
DSC05412 DSC05414 DSC05416 DSC05419
DSC05421 DSC05424 DSC05428 DSC05430
DSC05431 DSC05434 DSC05435 DSC05438
DSC05439 DSC05441 DSC05445 DSC05448
DSC05454 DSC05456 DSC05457 DSC05459
DSC05464 DSC05465 DSC05467 DSC05469
DSC05471 DSC05476 DSC05477 DSC05481
DSC05483 DSC05485 DSC05486 DSC05488
DSC05491 DSC05494 DSC05502 DSC05503
DSC05506 DSC05507 DSC05509 DSC05512
DSC05514 DSC05516 DSC05521 DSC05523
DSC05524 DSC05525 DSC05526 DSC05528
DSC05529 DSC05530 DSC05532 DSC05536
DSC05537 DSC05538 DSC05539 DSC05540
DSC05543 DSC05544 DSC05545 DSC05546
DSC05548 DSC05551 DSC05554 DSC05556
DSC05560 DSC05565 DSC05569 DSC05571
DSC05573 DSC05579 DSC05586 DSC05587
DSC05590 DSC05592 DSC05594 DSC05597
DSC05600 DSC05601 DSC05602 DSC05605
DSC05607 DSC05610 DSC05612 DSC05615
DSC05616 DSC05618 DSC05620 DSC05623
DSC05628 DSC05631 DSC05633 DSC05635
DSC05644 DSC05646 DSC05647 DSC05649
DSC05651 DSC05653 DSC05654 DSC05657
DSC05658 DSC05659 DSC05672 DSC05673
DSC05676 DSC05681 DSC05683 DSC05692
DSC05697 DSC05699 DSC05705 DSC05711
DSC05715 DSC05725 DSC05729 DSC05732
DSC05736 DSC05763 DSC05767 DSC05769
DSC05770 DSC05781 DSC05782 DSC05785
DSC05789 DSC05790 DSC05791 DSC05803
DSC05805 DSC05808 DSC05810 DSC05812
DSC05813 DSC05814 DSC05815 DSC05816
DSC05824 DSC05828 DSC05830 DSC05833
DSC05834 DSC05836 DSC05839 DSC05840
DSC05841 DSC05842 DSC05843 DSC05844
DSC05847 DSC05848 DSC05849 DSC05899
DSC05901 DSC05902 DSC05903 DSC05908
DSC05909 DSC05912 DSC05915 DSC05916
DSC05918 DSC05919 DSC05923 DSC05924
DSC05931 DSC05935 DSC05943 DSC05944
DSC05945 DSC05948 DSC05951 DSC05953
DSC05954 DSC05979 DSC05981 DSC05982
DSC05984 DSC06006

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