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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
June 22, 2013 - Action Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
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DSC06960 DSC06962 DSC06964 DSC06967
DSC06971 DSC06973 DSC06978 DSC06980
DSC06981 DSC06982 DSC06985 DSC06986
DSC06989 DSC06991 DSC06992 DSC06995
DSC06996 DSC06999 DSC07000 DSC07003
DSC07006 DSC07007 DSC07009 DSC07012
DSC07015 DSC07016 DSC07018 DSC07023
DSC07027 DSC07029 DSC07031 DSC07033
DSC07035 DSC07037 DSC07039 DSC07043
DSC07047 DSC07049 DSC07051 DSC07054
DSC07055 DSC07058 DSC07062 DSC07063
DSC07065 DSC07068 DSC07070 DSC07071
DSC07074 DSC07076 DSC07078 DSC07079
DSC07081 DSC07085 DSC07086 DSC07088
DSC07091 DSC07094 DSC07095 DSC07097
DSC07099 DSC07101 DSC07104 DSC07107
DSC07109 DSC07113 DSC07116 DSC07119
DSC07121 DSC07124 DSC07125 DSC07127
DSC07129 DSC07132 DSC07134 DSC07135
DSC07137 DSC07140 DSC07151 DSC07153
DSC07154 DSC07157 DSC07160 DSC07161
DSC07165 DSC07166 DSC07168 DSC07170
DSC07172 DSC07174 DSC07176 DSC07178
DSC07180 DSC07182 DSC07184 DSC07186
DSC07188 DSC07190 DSC07192 DSC07195
DSC07196 DSC07199 DSC07200 DSC07203
DSC07204 DSC07208 DSC07209 DSC07214
DSC07216 DSC07218 DSC07219 DSC07221
DSC07223 DSC07226 DSC07227 DSC07230
DSC07232 DSC07233 DSC07235 DSC07239
DSC07241 DSC07242 DSC07244 DSC07246
DSC07248 DSC07251 DSC07254 DSC07259
DSC07261 DSC07263 DSC07267 DSC07270
DSC07272 DSC07274 DSC07276 DSC07285
DSC07292 DSC07294 DSC07296 DSC07298
DSC07299 DSC07302 DSC07306 DSC07307
DSC07309 DSC07312 DSC07316 DSC07318
DSC07321 DSC07323 DSC07325 DSC07332
DSC07340 DSC07344 DSC07346 DSC07347
DSC07351 DSC07354 DSC07357 DSC07358
DSC07364 DSC07366 DSC07368 DSC07374
DSC07377 DSC07378 DSC07381 DSC07383
DSC07386 DSC07388 DSC07389 DSC07391
DSC07396 DSC07398 DSC07402 DSC07403
DSC07409 DSC07411 DSC07414 DSC07417
DSC07420 DSC07423 DSC07425 DSC07429
DSC07431 DSC07434 DSC07436 DSC07439
DSC07445 DSC07448 DSC07450 DSC07458
DSC07462 DSC07463 DSC07465 DSC07467
DSC07470 DSC07472 DSC07478 DSC07486
DSC07491 DSC07492 DSC07499 DSC07503
DSC07505 DSC07508 DSC07511 DSC07512
DSC07519 DSC07523 DSC07525 DSC07532
DSC07534 DSC07536 DSC07542 DSC07544
DSC07553 DSC07555 DSC07559 DSC07564
DSC07568 DSC07572 DSC07576 DSC07579
DSC07581 DSC07583 DSC07586 DSC07587
DSC07589 DSC07592 DSC07595 DSC07598
DSC07606 DSC07608 DSC07610 DSC07612
DSC07616 DSC07628 DSC07630 DSC07647
DSC07649 DSC07652 DSC07655 DSC07656
DSC07657 DSC07663 DSC07664 DSC07675
DSC07676 DSC07681 DSC07682 DSC07684
DSC07721 DSC07722 DSC07723 DSC07724
DSC07725 DSC07730 DSC07732 DSC07740
DSC07815 DSC07817 DSC07825 DSC07830
DSC07834 DSC07841 DSC07886 DSC07946
DSC07950 DSC07955

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