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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
June 22, 2013 - Victory Lane Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
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DSC07631 DSC07633 DSC07635 DSC07637
DSC07639 DSC07640 DSC07641 DSC07643
DSC07688 DSC07690 DSC07699 DSC07702
DSC07704 DSC07708 DSC07709 DSC07710
DSC07713 DSC07717 DSC07718 DSC07742
DSC07752 DSC07753 DSC07756 DSC07759
DSC07763 DSC07767 DSC07768 DSC07769
DSC07777 DSC07782 DSC07785 DSC07786
DSC07787 DSC07791 DSC07796 DSC07797
DSC07800 DSC07801 DSC07805 DSC07807
DSC07809 DSC07843 DSC07849 DSC07852
DSC07854 DSC07859 DSC07861 DSC07863
DSC07864 DSC07867 DSC07875 DSC07878
DSC07880 DSC07881 DSC07888 DSC07889
DSC07890 DSC07894 DSC07898 DSC07900
DSC07902 DSC07904 DSC07906 DSC07908
DSC07909 DSC07911 DSC07912 DSC07913
DSC07922 DSC07930 DSC07931 DSC07932
DSC07935 DSC07937 DSC07938 DSC07939
DSC07941 DSC07956 DSC07957 DSC07958
DSC07961 DSC07962 DSC07963 DSC07967
DSC07968 DSC07970 DSC07971 DSC07972
DSC07973 DSC07975

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