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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
July 6, 2013 - Action Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
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DSC07977 DSC07979 DSC07980 DSC07983
DSC07986 DSC07987 DSC07990 DSC07991
DSC07993 DSC07995 DSC07997 DSC08000
DSC08001 DSC08004 DSC08005 DSC08007
DSC08009 DSC08011 DSC08013 DSC08015
DSC08017 DSC08019 DSC08021 DSC08023
DSC08025 DSC08027 DSC08030 DSC08032
DSC08033 DSC08037 DSC08039 DSC08041
DSC08043 DSC08047 DSC08049 DSC08051
DSC08054 DSC08055 DSC08058 DSC08060
DSC08061 DSC08067 DSC08070 DSC08071
DSC08073 DSC08075 DSC08077 DSC08079
DSC08081 DSC08083 DSC08085 DSC08086
DSC08087 DSC08089 DSC08090 DSC08092
DSC08094 DSC08096 DSC08099 DSC08101
DSC08104 DSC08107 DSC08110 DSC08111
DSC08114 DSC08115 DSC08118 DSC08119
DSC08125 DSC08127 DSC08130 DSC08133
DSC08137 DSC08138 DSC08141 DSC08143
DSC08145 DSC08147 DSC08149 DSC08151
DSC08153 DSC08156 DSC08157 DSC08159
DSC08161 DSC08163 DSC08165 DSC08167
DSC08169 DSC08172 DSC08184 DSC08186
DSC08190 DSC08193 DSC08194 DSC08196
DSC08199 DSC08204 DSC08208 DSC08210
DSC08213 DSC08217 DSC08218 DSC08221
DSC08223 DSC08225 DSC08229 DSC08232
DSC08233 DSC08239 DSC08242 DSC08243
DSC08252 DSC08253 DSC08255 DSC08261
DSC08264 DSC08266 DSC08267 DSC08269
DSC08272 DSC08274 DSC08278 DSC08279
DSC08282 DSC08295 DSC08300 DSC08303
DSC08304 DSC08310 DSC08314 DSC08316
DSC08318 DSC08321 DSC08323 DSC08326
DSC08336 DSC08344 DSC08345 DSC08348
DSC08355 DSC08366 DSC08375 DSC08377
DSC08379 DSC08382 DSC08393 DSC08394
DSC08399 DSC08401 DSC08403 DSC08424
DSC08427 DSC08431 DSC08434 DSC08437
DSC08441 DSC08443 DSC08446 DSC08448
DSC08450 DSC08454 DSC08456 DSC08458
DSC08469 DSC08472 DSC08475 DSC08477
DSC08479 DSC08481 DSC08485 DSC08488
DSC08490 DSC08492 DSC08494 DSC08496
DSC08499 DSC08500 DSC08506 DSC08508
DSC08514 DSC08516 DSC08522 DSC08524
DSC08526 DSC08528 DSC08532 DSC08534
DSC08538 DSC08540 DSC08543 DSC08548
DSC08550 DSC08552 DSC08554 DSC08556
DSC08586 DSC08589 DSC08591 DSC08593
DSC08595 DSC08597 DSC08600 DSC08603
DSC08605 DSC08607 DSC08611 DSC08614
DSC08615 DSC08625 DSC08627 DSC08636
DSC08638 DSC08639 DSC08646 DSC08650
DSC08652 DSC08655 DSC08657 DSC08659
DSC08661 DSC08665 DSC08671 DSC08677
DSC08687 DSC08689 DSC08692 DSC08694
DSC08696 DSC08698 DSC08699 DSC08703
DSC08704 DSC08708 DSC08709 DSC08710
DSC08712 DSC08716 DSC08717 DSC08719
DSC08724 DSC08728 DSC08730 DSC08731
DSC08732 DSC08738 DSC08740 DSC08741
DSC08743 DSC08744 DSC08748 DSC08750
DSC08754 DSC08759 DSC08767 DSC08809
DSC08812 DSC08813 DSC08823 DSC08875

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