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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
July 6, 2013 - Victory Lane Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
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DSC08563 DSC08567 DSC08573 DSC08577
DSC08578 DSC08584 DSC08768 DSC08769
DSC08774 DSC08775 DSC08777 DSC08779
DSC08780 DSC08783 DSC08787 DSC08789
DSC08790 DSC08793 DSC08794 DSC08795
DSC08799 DSC08801 DSC08802 DSC08803
DSC08804 DSC08806 DSC08807 DSC08808
DSC08842 DSC08846 DSC08850 DSC08855
DSC08856 DSC08859 DSC08860 DSC08862
DSC08865 DSC08866 DSC08869 DSC08870
DSC08877 DSC08880 DSC08882 DSC08884
DSC08888 DSC08895 DSC08903 DSC08906
DSC08907 DSC08910 DSC08912 DSC08913
DSC08917 DSC08918 DSC08924 DSC08925
DSC08926 DSC08935 DSC08938 DSC08939
DSC08943 DSC08945 DSC08946 DSC08948
DSC08949 DSC08950 DSC08951 DSC08956
DSC08957 DSC08958

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