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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
July 13, 2013 - Action Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
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DSC09056 DSC09058 DSC09061 DSC09063
DSC09064 DSC09067 DSC09070 DSC09072
DSC09074 DSC09075 DSC09078 DSC09080
DSC09081 DSC09083 DSC09086 DSC09088
DSC09089 DSC09090 DSC09092 DSC09094
DSC09098 DSC09100 DSC09101 DSC09104
DSC09106 DSC09108 DSC09110 DSC09111
DSC09113 DSC09115 DSC09118 DSC09120
DSC09122 DSC09123 DSC09126 DSC09128
DSC09129 DSC09132 DSC09133 DSC09135
DSC09137 DSC09140 DSC09142 DSC09144
DSC09146 DSC09149 DSC09152 DSC09155
DSC09157 DSC09160 DSC09162 DSC09169
DSC09171 DSC09173 DSC09178 DSC09180
DSC09181 DSC09189 DSC09191 DSC09192
DSC09194 DSC09197 DSC09198 DSC09200
DSC09202 DSC09205 DSC09207 DSC09209
DSC09212 DSC09217 DSC09219 DSC09222
DSC09223 DSC09235 DSC09237 DSC09240
DSC09242 DSC09244 DSC09246 DSC09250
DSC09254 DSC09256 DSC09258 DSC09260
DSC09263 DSC09265 DSC09266 DSC09268
DSC09270 DSC09275 DSC09279 DSC09280
DSC09283 DSC09286 DSC09288 DSC09290
DSC09291 DSC09294 DSC09296 DSC09298
DSC09300 DSC09302 DSC09305 DSC09308
DSC09310 DSC09312 DSC09315 DSC09317
DSC09320 DSC09322 DSC09323 DSC09325
DSC09327 DSC09330 DSC09331 DSC09333
DSC09335 DSC09337 DSC09341 DSC09342
DSC09345 DSC09347 DSC09353 DSC09355
DSC09358 DSC09363 DSC09365 DSC09368
DSC09371 DSC09373 DSC09376 DSC09378
DSC09380 DSC09382 DSC09385 DSC09387
DSC09389 DSC09392 DSC09394 DSC09402
DSC09404 DSC09407 DSC09408 DSC09414
DSC09415 DSC09418 DSC09420 DSC09421
DSC09424 DSC09426 DSC09427 DSC09429
DSC09431 DSC09433 DSC09435 DSC09438
DSC09441 DSC09442 DSC09446 DSC09447
DSC09450 DSC09451 DSC09454 DSC09455
DSC09457 DSC09461 DSC09465 DSC09475
DSC09477 DSC09478 DSC09482 DSC09483
DSC09484 DSC09488 DSC09489 DSC09491
DSC09496 DSC09501 DSC09504 DSC09507
DSC09510 DSC09513 DSC09517 DSC09519
DSC09522 DSC09534 DSC09535 DSC09538
DSC09543 DSC09545 DSC09550 DSC09553
DSC09554 DSC09556 DSC09558 DSC09562
DSC09564 DSC09566 DSC09569 DSC09572
DSC09573 DSC09575 DSC09577 DSC09580
DSC09583 DSC09591 DSC09592 DSC09594
DSC09596 DSC09603 DSC09605 DSC09608
DSC09610 DSC09612 DSC09613 DSC09616
DSC09617 DSC09619 DSC09621 DSC09625
DSC09627 DSC09632 DSC09636 DSC09639
DSC09642 DSC09644 DSC09645 DSC09647
DSC09650 DSC09655 DSC09657 DSC09659
DSC09662 DSC09668 DSC09672 DSC09674
DSC09675 DSC09676 DSC09677 DSC09679
DSC09689 DSC09693 DSC09696 DSC09700
DSC09703 DSC09709 DSC09716 DSC09718
DSC09721 DSC09731 DSC09734 DSC09737
DSC09740 DSC09746 DSC09748 DSC09750
DSC09765 DSC09766 DSC09768 DSC09772
DSC09773 DSC09775 DSC09776 DSC09779
DSC09781 DSC09786 DSC09787 DSC09791
DSC09793 DSC09796 DSC09797 DSC09802
DSC09804 DSC09805 DSC09808 DSC09816
DSC09819 DSC09821 DSC09824 DSC09829
DSC09834 DSC09840 DSC09848 DSC09867
DSC09869 DSC09870 DSC09875 DSC09877
DSC09878 DSC09883 DSC09887 DSC09890
DSC09891 DSC09894 DSC09897 DSC09900
DSC09904 DSC09908 DSC09921 DSC09922
DSC09923 DSC09925 DSC09927 DSC09935
DSC09937 DSC09938 DSC09940 DSC09943
DSC09944 DSC09947 DSC09949 DSC09952
DSC09954 DSC09955 DSC09957 DSC09958
DSC09960 DSC09961 DSC09964 DSC09970
DSC09973 DSC09974 DSC09977 DSC09978
DSC09980 DSC09986 DSC09987 xDSC00050
xDSC00059 xDSC00060 xDSC00072 xDSC00088
xDSC00169 xDSC00170

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