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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
August 24, 2013 - Action Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
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DSC04825 DSC04826 DSC04829 DSC04830
DSC04832 DSC04835 DSC04837 DSC04840
DSC04842 DSC04844 DSC04850 DSC04853
DSC04854 DSC04856 DSC04858 DSC04860
DSC04863 DSC04865 DSC04868 DSC04875
DSC04877 DSC04880 DSC04884 DSC04893
DSC04895 DSC04897 DSC04900 DSC04903
DSC04905 DSC04908 DSC04911 DSC04917
DSC04920 DSC04922 DSC04924 DSC04926
DSC04929 DSC04934 DSC04936 DSC04939
DSC04942 DSC04946 DSC04950 DSC04952
DSC04955 DSC04958 DSC04959 DSC04962
DSC04965 DSC04966 DSC04969 DSC04973
DSC04974 DSC04978 DSC04980 DSC04982
DSC04984 DSC04987 DSC04993 DSC04996
DSC04997 DSC05000 DSC05002 DSC05004
DSC05006 DSC05008 DSC05010 DSC05012
DSC05014 DSC05017 DSC05019 DSC05021
DSC05024 DSC05026 DSC05027 DSC05028
DSC05031 DSC05033 DSC05035 DSC05037
DSC05040 DSC05042 DSC05043 DSC05049
DSC05051 DSC05053 DSC05058 DSC05064
DSC05067 DSC05070 DSC05071 DSC05073
DSC05077 DSC05080 DSC05082 DSC05084
DSC05086 DSC05088 DSC05092 DSC05093
DSC05097 DSC05099 DSC05100 DSC05103
DSC05104 DSC05107 DSC05111 DSC05113
DSC05114 DSC05116 DSC05118 DSC05120
DSC05123 DSC05125 DSC05128 DSC05131
DSC05133 DSC05136 DSC05137 DSC05139
DSC05141 DSC05143 DSC05149 DSC05150
DSC05152 DSC05157 DSC05159 DSC05161
DSC05164 DSC05166 DSC05171 DSC05174
DSC05176 DSC05181 DSC05182 DSC05184
DSC05185 DSC05189 DSC05192 DSC05198
DSC05199 DSC05201 DSC05207 DSC05212
DSC05215 DSC05217 DSC05220 DSC05221
DSC05224 DSC05227 DSC05229 DSC05230
DSC05233 DSC05236 DSC05237 DSC05239
DSC05242 DSC05253 DSC05255 DSC05257
DSC05259 DSC05263 DSC05264 DSC05268
DSC05271 DSC05272 DSC05275 DSC05278
DSC05279 DSC05281 DSC05283 DSC05284
DSC05286 DSC05289 DSC05291 DSC05293
DSC05297 DSC05298 DSC05302 DSC05304
DSC05308 DSC05311 DSC05317 DSC05318
DSC05321 DSC05326 DSC05332 DSC05333
DSC05334 DSC05337 DSC05339 DSC05341
DSC05342 DSC05344 DSC05345 DSC05346
DSC05347 DSC05349 DSC05351 DSC05352
DSC05353 DSC05354 DSC05356 DSC05359
DSC05360 DSC05361 DSC05362 DSC05363
DSC05364 DSC05365 DSC05366 DSC05367
DSC05368 DSC05369 DSC05370 DSC05371
DSC05372 DSC05373 DSC05374 DSC05375
DSC05376 DSC05377 DSC05378 DSC05380
DSC05381 DSC05386 DSC05396 DSC05397
DSC05398 DSC05399 DSC05401 DSC05402
DSC05441 DSC05442 DSC05445 DSC05462
DSC05501 DSC05525 DSC05683

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