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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
August 24, 2013 - Victory Lane Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
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DSC05406 DSC05409 DSC05411 DSC05415
DSC05421 DSC05422 DSC05425 DSC05426
DSC05429 DSC05435 DSC05466 DSC05470
DSC05471 DSC05472 DSC05473 DSC05474
DSC05477 DSC05478 DSC05480 DSC05482
DSC05483 DSC05485 DSC05489 DSC05492
DSC05495 DSC05496 DSC05498 DSC05499
DSC05531 DSC05532 DSC05535 DSC05536
DSC05537 DSC05541 DSC05547 DSC05549
DSC05552 DSC05554 DSC05556 DSC05557
DSC05558 DSC05560 DSC05561 DSC05563
DSC05564 DSC05578 DSC05580 DSC05583
DSC05586 DSC05594 DSC05597 DSC05603
DSC05607 DSC05609 DSC05613 DSC05614
DSC05617 DSC05619 DSC05622 DSC05641
DSC05646 DSC05650 DSC05651 DSC05653
DSC05656 DSC05660 DSC05661 DSC05662
DSC05664 DSC05665 DSC05668 DSC05671
DSC05684 DSC05685 DSC05688 DSC05691
DSC05693 DSC05696 DSC05701 DSC05703
DSC05706 DSC05707 DSC05709 DSC05711
DSC05717 DSC05718 DSC05719 DSC05722
DSC05723 DSC05724 DSC05726

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