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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
September 7, 2013 - Victory Lane Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
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DSC07011 DSC07013 DSC07016 DSC07019
DSC07024 DSC07025 DSC07028 DSC07029
DSC07030 DSC07031 DSC07034 DSC07036
DSC07039 DSC07040 DSC07041 DSC07132
DSC07134 DSC07138 DSC07176 DSC07177
DSC07180 DSC07181 DSC07185 DSC07186
DSC07187 DSC07188 DSC07191 DSC07194
DSC07198 DSC07200 DSC07201 DSC07202
DSC07204 DSC07206 DSC07210 DSC07215
DSC07218 DSC07219 DSC07222 DSC07223
DSC07255 DSC07256 DSC07258 DSC07263
DSC07267 DSC07270 DSC07271 DSC07275
DSC07276 DSC07277 DSC07281 DSC07283
DSC07284 DSC07288 DSC07291 DSC07292
DSC07294 DSC07298 DSC07300 DSC07302
DSC07304 DSC07306 DSC07308 DSC07309
DSC07329 DSC07336 DSC07337 DSC07340
DSC07341 DSC07346 DSC07347 DSC07349
DSC07350 DSC07351 DSC07354 DSC07356
DSC07357 DSC07359 DSC07361 DSC07364
DSC07371 DSC07372 DSC07375 DSC07376
DSC07377 DSC07378 DSC07379 DSC07380
DSC07381 DSC07382 DSC07384 DSC07385
DSC07388 DSC07389 DSC07406 DSC07407
DSC07408 DSC07411 DSC07418 DSC07421
DSC07425 DSC07427 DSC07429 DSC07430
DSC07432 DSC07433 DSC07437 DSC07441
DSC07443 DSC07446 DSC07447 DSC07448
DSC07452 DSC07453 DSC07454 DSC07457
DSC07459 DSC07460 DSC07465 DSC07466
DSC07475 DSC07477 DSC07484

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