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Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway
September 28, 2013 - Action Photos

Photos by Jody Halbedl
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DSC08321 DSC08324 DSC08327 DSC08329
DSC08331 DSC08334 DSC08336 DSC08337
DSC08339 DSC08344 DSC08345 DSC08347
DSC08350 DSC08353 DSC08355 DSC08357
DSC08360 DSC08362 DSC08365 DSC08368
DSC08369 DSC08372 DSC08373 DSC08375
DSC08376 DSC08378 DSC08380 DSC08383
DSC08386 DSC08387 DSC08389 DSC08391
DSC08395 DSC08397 DSC08398 DSC08400
DSC08402 DSC08403 DSC08404 DSC08406
DSC08408 DSC08409 DSC08412 DSC08414
DSC08415 DSC08419 DSC08420 DSC08421
DSC08423 DSC08426 DSC08427 DSC08428
DSC08429 DSC08431 DSC08435 DSC08436
DSC08439 DSC08442 DSC08444 DSC08446
DSC08448 DSC08451 DSC08453 DSC08455
DSC08458 DSC08459 DSC08461 DSC08463
DSC08465 DSC08468 DSC08469 DSC08471
DSC08474 DSC08477 DSC08479 DSC08480
DSC08483 DSC08485 DSC08493 DSC08495
DSC08498 DSC08500 DSC08501 DSC08505
DSC08506 DSC08508 DSC08511 DSC08513
DSC08514 DSC08516 DSC08518 DSC08520
DSC08522 DSC08525 DSC08526 DSC08529
DSC08530 DSC08532 DSC08534 DSC08537
DSC08544 DSC08545 DSC08548 DSC08549
DSC08552 DSC08553 DSC08555 DSC08559
DSC08561 DSC08564 DSC08566 DSC08568
DSC08571 DSC08573 DSC08577 DSC08579
DSC08581 DSC08583 DSC08585 DSC08587
DSC08589 DSC08592 DSC08593 DSC08594
DSC08597 DSC08598 DSC08603 DSC08604
DSC08606 DSC08610 DSC08613 DSC08615
DSC08622 DSC08624 DSC08625 DSC08627
DSC08629 DSC08631 DSC08633 DSC08634
DSC08636 DSC08639 DSC08640 DSC08642
DSC08643 DSC08644 DSC08649 DSC08651
DSC08653 DSC08654 DSC08655 DSC08659
DSC08660 DSC08662 DSC08669 DSC08670
DSC08674 DSC08675 DSC08676 DSC08681
DSC08682 DSC08683 DSC08687 DSC08689
DSC08690 DSC08691 DSC08695 DSC08697
DSC08701 DSC08704 DSC08706 DSC08708
DSC08710 DSC08713 DSC08724 DSC08727
DSC08728 DSC08730 DSC08731 DSC08738
DSC08740 DSC08742 DSC08745 DSC08746
DSC08748 DSC08750 DSC08751 DSC08754
DSC08755 DSC08756 DSC08757 DSC08758
DSC08762 DSC08764 DSC08767 DSC08768
DSC08769 DSC08770 DSC08771 DSC08772
DSC08775 DSC08776 DSC08777 DSC08778
DSC08782 DSC08785 DSC08786 DSC08790
DSC08793 DSC08795 DSC08796 DSC08808
DSC08809 DSC08810 DSC08814 DSC08815
DSC08821 DSC08822 DSC08824 DSC08825
DSC08831 DSC08832 DSC08833 DSC08836
DSC08837 DSC08838 DSC08839 DSC08840
DSC08841 DSC08889 DSC08890 DSC08892
DSC08898 DSC08928 DSC08931 DSC08933
DSC08934 DSC08935 DSC08941 DSC08942
DSC08943 DSC08945 DSC08946 DSC08947
DSC08948 DSC08950 DSC08967 DSC08968
DSC08979 DSC08994 DSC08995 DSC09022
DSC09023 DSC09024 DSC09026 DSC09030
DSC09033 DSC09034 DSC09035 DSC09051
DSC09052 DSC09071 DSC09072 DSC09073
DSC09074 DSC09077 DSC09078

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