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25th Annual PCTC Awards Banquet

The 25th Annual Awards Banquet was held January 26, 2002 at the Greentree Holiday Inn. We hope everyone who attended had a good time. There was a food preparation problem that resulted in a delay for some tables and we apologize to those who had to wait.
     Special sponsors for the banquet were Bobby's Lounge, Dan Dunn and Chuck Kennedy Auto Sales, and we thank them for their support. Our thanks to Al Hall for providing the special placemats for the banquet. Don Gamble did a great job as emcee for the evening and we thank John Wirtz, Bill Truby and Brian Underwood for recording the evening on tape and film. And let's not forget Bob Stanford, who handled ticket sales. Thanks to Chrissy Miller for helping with the presentations.
     Trophies and plaques were presented to the top ten in 15 divisions, and appreciation awards were presented to special supporters of the PCTC. Inductees into the Hall of Fame were John Wirtz and Dan Burns. Donna Rottman and Jim Steigerwald received the Glade Neil Memorial Award.
     Rick Kohler provided us with great music. Thanks to our generous door prize donors; over 75 door prizes were given away. Jack Crowell was not able to be with us this year, but presented the PCTC with a $500 check from #1 Cochran. As always, we appreciate their support. Thanks to Jill Folkmire for a great job on the programs and Ginger Meloy for arranging for the magnetic pocket files as a special momento of our 25th banquet.
     Special thanks to the officers and board members who worked to make the banquet a success. It's not easy to plan a party for 320...or to put the plates on almost 100 trophies...right guys! Special thanks to Bob McWilliams (who must have put 100 miles on his truck Saturday morning before the banquet), John and Kathy Miller, John and Linda Wirtz, and Jim and Jerri Slade. Apologies to anyone forgotten, with our thanks.



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